Spotlight On: Craig Family

Being a parent isn’t easy.

I’m currently writing this while holding my baby in one arm, and as my toddler battles the “aliens” around us with his lightsaber.

Our floor is somewhere under the legos and dinosaurs, and our dining table is somewhere under the art projects.

I have faith that both those statements are true. That normal things like floors and rugs and couches and tables still exist in the parallel dimension of parenthood.

They tell you it’ll be hard before you get into it. What they don’t tell you is how unbelievably beautiful it is. That it is as equally beautiful as it is hard.

That watching your kids learn and grow and experience things for the first time will make every moment of apocalyptic destruction worth it.

That the moment where they voluntarily share with their sibling, or try to explain to them how owls are “nocturtle” and have “super vision,” makes you forget your plans to velcro them to the wall.

And no one tells you that it’s made even more beautiful when you find a place that nurtures your child. People that help them to grow into themselves. Unabashedly themselves. With all their beautiful (and occasionally stinky) quirks in tow.

That’s what we found in East Lake Montessori. Our son started there this past January, but already, just two months later, he has already grown so much.

He is more thoughtful and kinder to his sister. He constantly wants to show us what he can do “all by himself.” But most importantly, he takes pride in his work–in himself. He doesn’t wait for external validation. He knows he’s done a good job. He is confident in his own abilities because he knows he “does his best”

Does that mean he no longer wants our acknowledgement? Of course not.

He still wants us to be proud of him. To watch him build lego robots and race cars. But his world has expanded around us, while at the same time focusing. It invites us in to play, as it always has, but now its interests are apparent and clear. Our son doesn’t get as frustrated anymore because he knows what he likes; and he knows how to tell us.

It’s another in a long list of beautiful moments made possible by East Lake Montessori.

And it makes being a parent, just a little bit easier.

And a lot more fun.

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